About Us

Medtech is here to take medicine to another level through telemedicine. 

Paperless Ease

Simply store all of your health information in one secure location. Upload medical documents to avoid misplacing referrals, pathology forms, and more!

Simple Health Managment

Track your symptoms, make medication and doctor's appointment reminders, review your daily health forecast and take control of your health! Manage multiple illnesses across multiple doctors and display relevant information quickly and efficiently to new practitioners when necessary.

Maintain Control

Monitor a multitude of fitness-related activities and set consistent, attainable goals. Align fitness, health report, and symptom data to create an understanding of your health and wellbeing.

Our Belief

We create easy access between you and your health caregiver. We create a platform where you can have your medical data, investigation report and other health information saved; this gives your health caregiver easy access to your health information optimizing the care you get. Remember your health information is safe with us.
We have brought medicine to a converging point where all and sundry can have easy access to your doctor can follow you up after the first clinic visit or when you are being discharged from the hospital your doctor can have access to your health information anywhere in the world provided you grant him or her access to. Remember our platform is well secure and very reliable. Every medical information remain confidential to every subscriber 
We are visioned in reducing the rate of mortality across Nigeria and Africa at large. Remember health is wealth.